Privacy Policy


Q: What Personal Data does Diversity Choir Hold and How is it Used?

Contact details of our members for the purposes of choir administration.

Contact and payment details for artists who work with us so that we can process.

Contact details of supporters who have purchased tickets online so that we can manage tickets for particular concerts (e.g. through EventBrite – their information at or OutSavvy – their information at

Contact details for people who have subscribed to our newsletter, for the purposes of providing detail of other events we are running.

Contact details for people who send us queries via our website or who express an interest in joining our choir, so that we can answer queries and provide choir information to new joiners.

In each case where we use your personal data, either:

  • you have given your consent to our use of personal data;
  • we will be using it for our legitimate interests of updating our supporters about future events, responding to queries, or managing the choir;
  • or we will be using it to fulfil a contract (e.g. making sure artists get paid).

Q: For How Long Does the Choir Keep Personal Data and Does Anyone Else Have Access?

Some of this data is only used on a one-off basis, for example to answer a query or to manage online ticket lists for a particular concert. We do, however, keep an active list of:

  • Newsletter subscriber contact details in MailChimp, a commonly used mailing list manager. (To find out more about how MailChimp treats personal data, please see which also contains a link to their Privacy Policy. MailChimp are US-based and registered under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework);
  • Artist and contributor contact details, kept for the purposes of reaching out to offer opportunities to peform with us in the future; and
  • Choir member details held within Chorus Connection, a choir scheduling and management tool provided by a Californian company, whose Privacy Policy can be found at (

We only keep your personal data for as long as it is needed for the purposes we’ve explained. If you leave the choir, then we can arrange for your data within Chorus Connection to be deleted, or you may ask for it to be kept but suppressed, so that it is there waiting should you wish to rejoin in the future.

Q: What Rights Do I Have?

As an individual, you are able to ask us to do certain things with your data or provide certain things:

  • Update or correct it (in which case, please let us know what we need to change)
  • Give you a copy (in a format you can easily use elsewhere)
  • Tell you what of personal data we hold and how we’ve used it
  • Delete you personal data or stop processing it; or
  • You can object to how we use your data.

If you want to exercise any of these rights, please let us know using the contact form at If you ask us to restrict or delete your personal data, that may affect how we can interact with you.

You can also contact the Information Commissioners’ Office if you think we have mishandled your personal data (though we would always ask you to contact us first so we can sort things out quickly if there is a problem).

Q: What if I Have Questions?

If you have any questions about how Diversity Choir handles your personal data, please contact and we will respond as soon as we can (we’re a small organisation so don’t have a dedicated data protection officer). Hopefully though, the above information has answered any concerns you may have.